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The Natural Pool System:

The Biotop Carbonator.

Der Biotop Carbonator.

The Biotop Carbonator, patented by Biotop, fights rampantly growing algae, naturally and gently: Pipes are laid in the ground outside the pool which suck up air from the ground. This air - naturally filtered through the ground - has a different chemical composition than atmospheric air. During the day when the pH-value of the water rises, the air is sucked through an air pump and pumped into the carbonator, which is located in the pool. The air streams through granulated rock, which binds nutrients such as phosphate, and is then distributed in the pool through aeration hoses or injector jets. The results are astounding. Several effects are achieved simultaneously: The pH-value of the water sinks. The living conditions deteriorate for algae, yet improve for plants. Nutrients are bound and oxygen is introduced into the water. Algae growth is permanently reduced. Natural balance returns to the pool.

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